Tuesday 20 October 2020

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The National Kenaf and Tobacco Board implements the registration of Tobacco Growers to carry out the functions under Section 4 (d) - (r) of the National Tobacco and Tobacco Board Act 2009 to register all activities relating to tobacco growers.

Registration can be made by completing the LKTN / BDP Form and enclosing the supporting documents required at the registration of: -

a. Photocopy of identity card,

b. Details of spoused/assistant

c. Copy of Land Grant / rental or lease agreement

d. Plant area

e. Complete crop area information and area


Users can also download the registration form and submit the form together with supporting documents and submit it to:

            Headquarters of National Kenaf and Tobacco Board

            16150 Kota Bharu kelantan

            (Up: Licensing and Enforcement Division)