Thursday 9 February 2023

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Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Salam Sejahtera

Welcome to the official website of the National Kenaf and Tobacco Board (NKTB), the Ministry of Primary Industries.

This website is one of the channels to provide information on planning, approach and activities implemented by NKTB to all communities. With this official website, people can connect and know NKTB more closely.

Among the services and facilities available at NKTB include cultivation incentives, planter registration, Kenaf and Tobacco Training Institute (ILKT), Kenaf Innovation Gallery (GIK), Kenafmall and other services that can provide more information through this site.

NKTB employees are always ready with the rapid development of technology and social media in delivering accurate and timely information. In addition, it can deliver the best services for the people. The website also provides links to the relevant Government's main agency websites and official social media of NKTB.

The ever-innovative NKTB work culture will enable accurate information to be channeled to our customers. It further provides a platform for them to evaluate and provide direct feedback on NKTB service delivery performance.

Insya Allah, with the commitment and cooperation of all NKTB employees, I am confident that NKTB is able to weather the current challenges in spreading the "Kenaf Industry" to the community regardless of the urban and rural areas. Through this platform as well, I hope the image and perception of civil society to NKTB will be more positive in the future. 

I hope visitors will always visit this official NKTB website to get the latest information. Constructive views and suggestions are most welcome to strengthen NKTB. Hopefully all visitors take full advantage of this site.

With regards from NKTB residents.

Thank you,

Director General

National Kenaf and Tobacco Board