Sunday 14 August 2022

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The Kenaf Scheme for People (KUR) is an NKTB initiative to boost the economic level of the lowest 40 per cent household income group (B40) to RM5,270 per month.


The KUR scheme pilot program was introduced in 2016 involving operators and kenaf companies. Following that, NKTB has been implementing kenaf bio retting processing entrepreneurship program which only carry out kenaf processing activities only and is not involved in kenaf cultivation. This program is known as the Kenaf Untuk Rakyat (KUR) Perdana scheme, which is biofilter kenaf processing with 1 ton fiber per month by 1 family with an estimated income of around RM1,000 - RM4,000 per month.


In 2017, 9 pioneer KUR Prime entrepreneurs were created with a net production of 250kg - 800kg per month. The average income is RM1,000 - RM3,200


List of entrepreneurs by state:



Number of Pioneer Entrepreneurs (persons)











KUR Perdana's objective


• Ensure that the kenaf fiber produced is of high quality and is recognized as a premium grade for better selling price than fiber produced through mechanical (mechanical) processing using machinery or machinery;


• Attract the interest of the NKTB target group to participate in the development of the kenaf industry;


• Creating value chain and revenue spans for target groups in the kenaf industry based on kenaf stem processing activities;


• Improve the socio-economic level of the local community through the creation of employment opportunities and other economic activities as a result of the implementation of this program


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Brosur KUR Perdana - Carta Alir Pengeluaran Fiber Premium