Tuesday 18 May 2021

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1. The National Kenaf and Tobacco Board conducts Smallholder Registration and Commercial Growers to carry out the functions under Section 4 (c) of the National Kenaf and Tobacco Board Act 2009 to register all activities relating to kenaf growers.

2. Registration is free and can be made at all nearest NKTB / State NKTB offices by filling out the NKTB / PPK1 Form and enclosing the supporting documents required at registration ie:-
a. Photocopy of identity card,
b. Copy of Bank Account Book (for revenue payment purposes)
c. Copy of Land Grant / rental or lease agreement
d. Passport-sized applicant image
e. Complete crop area information and dimension.

3. Users may also download the registration form and submit the form with supporting documents to the nearest NKTB Office for verification and verification purposes.br /

4. The Approval of Smallholder Registration and Commercial Growers Requirements are as follows:-
a. Own proper land
b. The category of growers based on plant area is as follows:

 PLANTER   ≤ 2 Hektre  ≤ 2 Hektre
COMMERCIAL SUPPLIER ≥ 2.1 Hektre ≥ 2.1 Hektre


c. Adhere to the SOP of the Schedule and the Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) set by LKTN.
d. Adhere to the amount of crop / area as approved only.
e. Using fertilizer,agricultural poisons, seeds and agricultural inputs are recommended and approved by LKTN only.